Varnishes & Resins


We are the sole UK Distributor for all ELANTAS Products since 1990 (Formerly Sterling Technology and Epoxylite®).

During the past 32 years we have continually added new products to our portfolio range. We stock everything from solvented varnishes, Solventless epoxy resins, epoxy putties, potting resins, paints & thinners. We have over 75 different materials, supplied in various pack sizes from stock here at our Telford facility.

  • Elmotherm® "VA" range of anti-track varnishes
  • Elmotherm® polyester dip varnish
  • Epoxylite® epoxy resins
  • Aquanel® water based varnish
  • Elan-tron® potting / casting resins available in polyurethane, epoxy and silicone
  • Dobeckan® Trickle Systems
  • Epoxylite® & Dobeckan® industrial putties
  • QAD casing paints smooth & hammer finish