High Voltage Insulations


Manufactured by Isovolta our high voltage insulation tapes are an extremely high end product. With over 25 different types of product for either; resin rich, VPI or hybrid systems we are sure to have a product that matches your needs. For the repair market we can also deliver small quantities, delivered next day.

All of our tapes are stored in our state-of-the art temperature controlled refrigerated cold storage facilities.

  • Calmica-Flex® S 4214 - PET Film + Glass + Mica Overhang 
  • Feinmicaglas 0986 Double-Sided PET + Glass Cloth + Mica
  • Calmicaglas® 4202 Double-Sided Glass Cloth + Mica “B-Stage” (Class H) main-wall
  • Calmica 70 S 0900 PET Film Backed Mica “B-Stage” main-wall 
  • Poroband® 0577 PET Film + Glass + Mica “VPI”
  • Contafel® H 2014 Carbon PET Fleece “DAG Tape” (OCP)
  • Calmica-Flex® SI 2726 Silicone Glass Cloth + Mica (Class H)
  • Calmica-Flex 0917 Glass + Mica (Class H)
  • Isoseal® MF 0611 & P 0713 Overhang Protection 
  • EGSB 2709 (F) & 4308 (H) Stress Grading (ECP)
  • Votafix® E 2102 Preconsolidation 

For competitor alternatives or equivalents please contact us and we will match what you are using now to our material.