Adhesive Tapes

  • Our slitting capabilities enables us to cut larger master log rolls of material up to 1300mm wide down to widths as narrow as 2.5mm
  • Specific roll widths can be cut for die-cutting operations which helps to minimise material waste and cost
  • Products available from stock are single sided Polyesters, Kapton® / Polyimide, Glass Cloths, Polyester / Glass Filament, Nomex® and Double-sided Polyester tapes
  • Products available with a Rubber, Acrylic or Silicone adhesive system
  • Our slitting is done using our state of the art Cevenini slitting machinery
  • If ordered before 1pm we guarantee next day delivery on stocked products. Our quality and speed of service is second to none.
  • Our customer base is diverse but include industries such as Aerospace, Automotive, Transformer manufacturing, Powder Coating, Electronics, Heating, Construction and Metal Fabrication

Silcone, Rubber thermosetting or Acylic PET films (UL)

Silicone, Rubber thermsetiing or Acrylic Glass Cloth (UL)

Acrylic Nomex® (UL)

Silicone Kapton® Film (UL)

Silicone Polyimide Film (UL)

Acrylic PET + Fleece (UL)

Acrylic PET + Glass Filament (UL)