Covered Conductors


WES Covered Conductors Division was formed in September 2008, we recognised a need in the market to supply the finest quality covered conductor in very short delivery time frames.

Ensuring the best quality product meant buying the best machines. With this in mind we only use Ridgway insulating machines.

The Covered Conductors Division has seen rapid growth and has earned an excellent reputation within this market. With our own Conform production lines in place in Telford, as well as our taping lines. We have the best machines, people and philosophy to service your needs.

Producing copper to EN13601 ( supersedes BS1432 ) to any size within the following range 5.00 mm2 to 150 mm2

Insulating copper with the following coverings:

  • Mica Paper – Motors and Generators – Class F
  • Kapton® - Traction Motors - Class C
  • Glass / Deglas - Generators - Class H
  • Polyester Film – Multi use – Class F
  • Kraft Paper - OFT - Class B
  • Nomex® – Dry type Transformers – Class C
  • Large section bare copper up to 150mm2

We can also source and supply enamelled copper or aluminium from our vast array of European partners.

Please contact us for specific requirements.