• In April 2015 an 80kW Solar PV system was installed at WES Telford, by local company Albright Electrical, the system comprises of 320 Upsolar 250w PV panels supported by 3 ABB Power One inverters.  Aimed at reducing our carbon footprint and contributing to our electricity usage this project sees yet another significant investment from WES. We are already planning to expand this to a 120kW system by 2024 utilizing the additional roof capacity on our new extension.
  • June 2018 all fluorescent and halogen lighting throughout the company was replaced with LED.
  • June 2021 all gas heating removed from office areas replaced with Invertor driven Midea 3.5kW air conditioning / Heating System.
  • In addition to this we have a strict waste recycling policy. Any waste produced by WES is disposed of in a responsible eco friendly manner.
  • We are committed to replacing all company cars to fully electric by the end of 2025.